Perfect Patient

Delivering an experience
that goes well beyond
ordinary expectations.

The mission of Pacific Dental Services® is to be the provider of choice in all the markets we serve. To support that mission, PDS® developed an operating model we call the Perfect Patient Experience (PPE).

The PPE empowers the team members in each dental practice to help each other assist the dentist in providing clinical excellence.

The Perfect Patient Experience establishes an extraordinary standard of care and helps create Patients for Life™.

Establishing trust with a patient from the start is imperative. Deepening trust ensures he or she will become a Patient For Life. Patients want to know that you care about their individual needs and wants. As the saying goes, “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care."
Dental care is all about choices. To empower the patient in deciding their course of care, these choices must be clearly and carefully explained. When patients really understand their choices, they feel more confident about the health care decisions they’ve made with their dental office. This goes for both treatment and financial options.
Once an office has established a connection and a deep level of trust, a patient can make the best choice for themselves. It is fundamentally important that patients understand their dental office is dedicated to completing the chosen course of care in a way that also invites the patient to commit to the dentistry that they need or want.

The Perfect Patient Experience establishes an extraordinary standard of care and is an important tool for building trust with an office’s team members.

Doctor Patel

Meet Dr. Patel

"PDS has provided the support needed to run my practice so I can focus on patient care. It also allows me to integrate technology and specialties to provide comprehensive care for my patients.”