For Business Professionals

Business Roles

Healthcare Coordinator

Healthcare coordinators help patients receive the dental treatment they want and need by communicating patients’ insurance benefits and other payment options available. Healthcare coordinators are essential team members who empower patients to feel comfortable in moving forward with their dentist-recommended treatment plan.


Receptionists set a welcoming tone for the patient's entire visit as soon as they enter the dental practice. In addition, the receptionist prepares the patient and coordinates their smooth transition into clinical care.

Operations Manager

Operations managers make the dental practices hum with proficiency and efficacy. In addition, this position manages the entire practice team, day-to-day operations such as ordering supplies, coordinating with other departments, onboarding new hires, and operationalizing technology integrations.

Regional Manager

Regional managers build financially sustainable practices through partnering with the operations managers to meet their goals while supporting the owner dentist’s clinical culture. Through their business expertise, they ensure the practice enjoys an excellent working environment for the clinical and operational teams to provide the best patient experience.

Corporate Roles

Our national support centers in Irvine, California, Henderson, Nevada, and Dallas, Texas provide opportunities for business professionals to thrive in a flexible work environment and collaborative company culture. National support departments include accounting and finance, corporate social responsibility, people services, IT, legal, marketing and communications, learning and development, tax, revenue operations, patient contact center, and more. We are proud of our award-winning community outreach program and recognition as an industry leader for diversity and career growth.

Career Opportunities

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