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When you thought about going into private practice, you probably focused more on the good parts: owning your own business and having more personal autonomy. But most people don’t think about the hard parts—payroll, billing, insurance, tax preparation and all the administrative details of running a practice.

With Supported Autonomy, we focus on that for you. We call it PRIVATE PRACTICE +®. And it’s designed to help you to build a successful dental practice or pediatric dental practice with excellent income potential including asset growth, and an enviable work-life balance—all backed by the country's leading dental business support organization.

Supported Autonomy means you’re free to focus on patient care and your personal passions without having to worry about all the details that accompany managing a successful dental practice.

Meet Dr. Smith

“Partnering with PDS® has given me a network of peer dentists with the drive for clinical excellence and extraordinary patient experiences.”

Advanced, Proven Technology

A key point of differentiation for all PDS-supported offices is the advanced, proven technology that is an important part of patient care. For starters, PDS-supported dentists have performed more CEREC® CAD/CAM same-day crowns than anyone else in the world.* Supported offices are also equipped with digital x-ray technology which emit 90% less radiation than typical film x-rays. Digital record-keeping helps improve efficiency, secure online registration helps save patients valuable time in the office.

*Based on volume of CEREC® CAD/CAM crowns performed by over 700 Smile Generation-trusted dental offices to date as verified by Sirona Dental.

Continuing Education

The PDS University™ – Institute of Dentistry curriculum offers a broad base of CE for dentists. Development offerings include: Clinical Skills, Patient Experience, Practice Management, Mentorship and People Leadership. Course work is taught by PDSU™ – Institute of Dentistry faculty clinicians and external key opinion leaders whose views are consistent with the vision of “Clinicians Leading Clinicians in Clinical Excellence®”. The course work results in exceptional outcomes and experiences for healthier, happier patients.