You are supported by a
dedicated team.

Focus on your first love, dentistry

Owner Dentists receive world-class support at every level, but still lead their own dental practice. They make the treatment decisions and provide clinical excellence. The owner dentists ultimately lead the way in creating Patients for Life™.

But most dentists aren’t trained in the administrative tasks it takes to keep a practice running smoothly. That’s a different area of focus—and that's where PDS® Supported Autonomy comes in. PDS team members provide a support structure to manage everything on the business end from billing and staffing to IT support and marketing. The result is top-notch patient care.  

Supported Autonomy means you’re free to focus on patient care and your personal passions without having to worry about all the details that accompany managing a successful dental practice.


The Marketing department supports the local office brands and national brands through industry-leading strategic development of cross-channel marketing campaigns, tools, systems, and guidance.

The Marketing department offers support in offline marketing and patient experience, digital marketing and social media, creative design sources, and PR and communication.

Information Technology

The Information Technology department provides technical software and hardware support for the organization. IT provides and enforces information security through data protection, as well as oversees systems administration and support, help desk and field support, network administration and hardware, and programming and development.

Accounting & Finance

The Accounting department manages financial duties and processes for the organization, including accounts payable, cash management, general finance and accounting, and tax services.


The Tax department oversees the tax costs for Pacific Dental Services® and all supported dental offices through managing filing requirements and identifying opportunities in the ever-changing tax landscape. Tax also offers personalized support for owner dentists in the areas of tax planning and compliance.

People Services

People Services is a core component of the culture of Pacific Dental Services®. While the PDS® purpose is to support clinicians so they can create Healthier, Happier Patients®, the People Services department’s focus is to create healthier, happier team members. We provide the PDS family with personalized services for a successful team member experience, including whole-body health & wellness benefits, technology (HRIS) to support people-related transactions, compensation and incentive planning, payroll services and team member relations.  Our People Services teams lead key programs and initiatives that support the strategic imperatives of the organization, and we’re steadfast in our commitment to support the career development of team members. 


The Legal department assists with making decisions grounded in honesty and integrity based on the PDS® culture founded in the company Mission and Belief Statements. Services provided by the Legal department include legal correspondence and complaints, dental board correspondence and inspections, HIPAA and privacy, owner dentist contracts, corporate governance, legal employee matters, and subpoenas and requests for records.

Real Estate

The Real Estate department oversees the research and development of new real estate opportunities and the ongoing management of the existing portfolio of offices. The services provided include site selection, demographic analysis, leasing and development, process management, asset management as well as investment underwriting and management. The Real Estate team works in partnership with the Regional Partners to grow existing markets and introduce new regions and states.

PDS University™

It is the mission of PDS University to provide training and development opportunities to all of our team members, that will enhance their ability to create healthier and happier patients. We do this by focused learning through the Institute of Dentistry, School of Business, and School of Leadership.

Revenue Cycle

The Revenue Operations Center ensures a consistent, and seamless accounts receivable process flow and continually strives to better the billing, auditing, collections, and posting processes. The Billing and Collections team ensures that all claims are billed out in a timely manner and that all accounts are reviewed for accurate payment for services rendered. The Payments and Posting team ensures that all payments received and refunds sent are distributed properly and in a timely manner. The Eligibility and Plans team provides offices with patient insurance confirmation and detailed benefit information. The Patient Payments team monitors and collects on past due patient receivables through the use of letters, e-mails, and phone calls.

Plan Partnerships

The Plan Partnerships department is responsible for the growth of strategic plan relationships including national and regional negotiations. This includes dental and medical insurance carriers, credentialing operations as well as a focus on establishing integrated medical-dental care models with plans, Accountable Care Organization's and physician groups.

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