For Dental Professionals

Dental Roles

Owner Dentist

You are interested in being your own boss but not interested in the administrative hassles of running a business. With PRIVATE PRACTICE +® we create a support partnership between your pursuit of Clinical Excellence and our business support expertise.

Associate Dentist

You will have autonomy to focus on Clinical Excellence because Pacific Dental Services® focuses on the operational and business aspect of the practice. Serving patients has never been easier with a modern environment and utilization of current, proven technology to discover and treat oral health issues.

Associate Dentist, Pediatric

MKD/EKD supported offices offer many career choices. As an associate you can work part-time or full time in one or more supported locations with unlimited income potential. Many full-time associates are making above $225,000 in their first year. If owning your own practice is your goal, that opportunity is available as well.


A PDS®-supported Orthodontist is equipped with the latest tools, equipment and supplies to deliver the most comprehensive care possible. And with modern, spacious facilities with three to four chairs, we'll make sure you have everything you need to make your patients happy.


As a PDS-supported Endodontist, you play a key role in our Owner Dentists' ability to provide comprehensive care – all under the same roof. You'll have access to state-of-the-art dental technology to help you provide the best dental care for every patient.


PDS-supported Periodontists travel between offices within a region to perform a wide range of procedures, from osseous surgery to sinus lifts. You'll have a team of traveling assistants to help with the procedures, as well as dedicated operatories and state-of-the-art equipment at the practices you visit.

Oral Surgeon

PDS-supported Oral Surgeons travel often to attend to patients between multiple offices within a region. You'll be supported by multiple highly skilled assistants to help with surgical procedures. Our dedicated operatories all feature state-of-the-art dental and safety equipment that will allow you to provide the highest level of care for your patients.


Providing the most comprehensive dental care means having the best dental Hygienists working at PDS supported offices. You'll work with top-notch clinicians in a friendly environment and have the latest dental technology to help you take care of patients.

Dental Assistant

We’re willing to offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits when it comes to talented Dental Assistants that can execute a myriad of duties before, during, and after patient procedures.

Meet Dr. Mugleston

“Following graduation, I was searching for the next step in my career path. Choosing to be supported by PDS was the single best decision I have ever made.”


Career Opportunities

Set the bar as high as you want, and put your skills to work. Find out about current opportunities now.