You ensure quality and provide answers to patients. You’re also great with numbers. We don’t take the Benefits Coordinator position lightly. We’re looking for a unique candidate whose passion is making things happen.

What The Benefits Coordinator Does

Whenever patients ask what treatments they need, why they need them and how much they’ll cost, you’re the person who walks them through the answers. No stone is left unturned. No question goes unanswered. You make sure patients get the treatment they need and create payment plans that fit their budget. You crunch numbers like an accountant and have the communication skills of a teacher.

What We're Looking For

Patients want to know three things: “What do I need?”, “Why do I need it?”, and most importantly these days, “How much will it cost?” The Benefits Coordinators we’re seeking take almost sublime pleasure in steering patients toward the treatment they need—and offering them a financial roadmap. Our benefit coordinators must crunch numbers like accountants—but be infinitely more vivacious (no offense, tax “pros”!). While professional demeanor and outstanding verbal skills rank high as traits we value in our benefit coordinators, we also recognize this post requires a proven track record—in skilled high-pressure decision-making, insurance and fee coordination and (of course) interpersonal communication.

Therefore, Pacific Dental Services® seeks out candidates with 2+ years’ experience coordinating general dentistry treatment in, preferably, a multi-dentist environment. Benefits Coordinators must be familiar with enough dental terminology to clarify to patients what treatment they need—and why. Moreover, they must be numbers-focused and consider their role in crafting financially-viable ways to get patients treated almost a calling. With so much calculating and so much patient-educating going on, yes—it is imperative our Benefits Coordinators be multitasking superheroes!

What’s In It For You

In addition to the limitless career roadmap that awaits the highly-competent, self-motivated Benefits Coordinator, PDS® offers a competitive compensation package including medical, dental and vision benefits, 401k savings plan, company-paid holidays, vacation and personal time, as well as tuition reimbursement. At Pacific Dental Services, our quest for excellence inspires everything we do—starting with our desire to acquire and appreciate the most qualified, committed associates. We encourage team members to develop their distinctive talents and strengths—and embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that rewards individual achievement. This mutually-beneficial relationship creates a tradition of family at Pacific Dental Services.

Career Opportunities

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