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As a PDS®-supported Endodontist, you play a key role in our Owner Dentists' ability to provide comprehensive care – all under the same roof. You'll have access to state-of-the-art dental technology to help you provide the best dental care for every patient.

What the Endodontist Does

You'll travel to PDS-supported offices and examine multiple patients that were referred to you by the Owner Dentist and their associates. Based on your clinical recommendations, you'll be treating the patients before they return to the General Dentist. In addition, you will provide leadership and mentoring to your endodontic assistants.

What We're Looking for

What We're Looking For

PDS-supported Owner Dentists are looking for endodontists who embody the best clinical standards along with those who possess a natural ability to lead and mentor their assistants. An innate ability to build rapport and connect with each patient is an attribute we place value in.

What's in it for You

First and foremost, our front office staff manages all the non-clinical aspects including patient schedules and payment options so you can focus on treatment planning and patient care. PDS-supported offices regularly deliver productive schedules, which results in excellent income potential for endodontists.

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What's in it For You