Dr. David Jourabchi of PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs Named a 2021 Health Equity Hero

DentaQuest award recognizes commitment to expanding access to equitable care during the pandemic and beyond

PHOENIX, Ariz. July 13, 2021 – David Jourabchi, DDS, a clinician at the Pacific Dental Services® Foundation Dentists for Special Needs, was named a 2021 Health Equity Hero by DentaQuest, a purpose-driven oral health care company dedicated to improving the oral health of all. Now in its seventh year, the DentaQuest Health Equity Hero program celebrates individuals who preserve access to equitable oral care and health care for all. This year, DentaQuest chose heroes who assisted those most at-risk during the pandemic and who continue to expand that access today.  

Dr. Jourabchi specializes in treating patients with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD). Due to the lack of dentists who specialize in this field, oral health care remains one of the most common unmet health needs for individuals with IDD. Dr. Jourabchi provides the appropriate accommodations for patients including desensitization, to combat challenges with physical disabilities as well as sensitivity to sensory stimuli like speech, sound and light. 

At the PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs office, the dental experience begins in the reception area where patients are introduced to a sensory room with tiles, fish tanks with bubbles and galaxy lights that match sensory stimuli preferences. This personalized level of attention extends through the entire visit to ensure patients feel comfortable and safe. Patients who were once unable to complete a dental appointment without sedation are now capable of achieving each step of an appointment without incident.

“I’m thrilled with the honor of being named a Health Equity Hero by DentaQuest,” said Dr. Jourabchi. “I am so proud of what I get to be a part of every day at the PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs. We are seeing so many patients in need receive first-time treatment and increasing access to comprehensive oral healthcare for this important patient population.”

Since 2019, Dr. Jourabchi has treated more than 1,200 patients from across the U.S. and was one of the only dentists to deliver care for patients with IDD during the pandemic. Dr. Jourabchi is supporting Special Olympics of Arizona and the PDS Foundation with his award donation. 

The PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs clinic is part of the PDS Foundation’s mission. to improve overall health, by improving oral health through opportunities to serve locally, nationally, and internationally.

Contact the PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs clinic today by calling (602) 344-9530 or visiting DentistsforSpecialNeeds.com. The office is located at 4550 East Bell Road, Suite 106, Phoenix, Arizona, 85032.

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