Crest & Oral-B and PDS Foundation to Host Webinar on the Relationship Between Oral Health and Diabetes

Live event will offer 1.5 continuing education credits to all attendees

IRVINE, Calif. March 17, 2021 – In partnership with Crest®+Oral-B® and Smile Generation, the Pacific Dental Services® (PDS) Foundation, will host a webinar focused on the connection between oral health and diabetes. The event, “Oral Systemic Health: The Link Between Oral Hygiene and Diabetes,” will feature Zuly Fernandez, DMD, MS, a periodontal specialist and graduate of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, where she earned dual post graduate degrees in periodontology and a master’s in biomedical sciences, and Eden Miller, DO, FOMA, an osteopathic board-certified family practitioner who specializes in diabetes care. The event will be moderated by Daniel Burke, Chief Enterprise Strategy Officer at Pacific Dental Services® and Vice President of the PDS Foundation.

The webinar will cover topics such as the dynamic relationship between oral hygiene and diabetes, and the effect that health crises, such as COVID-19, has had on those with diabetic conditions. Research has shown that harmful bacteria and inflammation in the mouth can indicate and even cause systemic conditions throughout the body. Diseases of the mouth, including periodontal disease, may be linked with other medical conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, oral cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

“During this current healthcare crisis, maintaining proper oral health has never been more important, particularly for those with diabetes,” says Dr. Fernandez. “Studies suggest that patients with periodontal (gum) disease who are infected with COVID-19 are almost nine times more likely to succumb to the virus when compared to those without gum disease. This combination is even more serious for individuals who are diabetic or pre-diabetic as gum disease is much more severe and prevalent in this population.”

The webinar will also include discussion topics on the ways medical and dental professionals can better collaborate on behalf of patients during this health crisis and beyond to ensure better systemic health outcomes for diabetic patients at lower costs, as well as the role dentists can play in the diagnosis of prediabetes and diabetes.

“Dentists are part of the comprehensive care team,” says Dr. Miller. “Like any other specialty in medicine, it is important to open the lines of communication, so we can better serve our diabetic patients. This includes continued education about the procedures performed by dentists and the implications oral health may have on systemic health.”

The event takes place on Friday, March 26 at 9:00 AM PDT and will offer 1.5 continuing education (CE) credits to attendees. Click HERE to register for this sought-after event. 

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