Our Values

We are founded on a
core set of values that
guides our daily lives.


We Believes Behavioral Framework

A values-based approach to compliance and ethics creates enormous benefits for our company, our employees, and the patients of our supported offices. By putting our We Believes at the center of everything we do, we transcend the limitations of a rules-based mindset. Our We Believes, and the corresponding Therefores, build trust, encourage self-governance, and inspire each of us to achieve at the highest level.

The We Believes Behavioral Framework is the structure that supports these goals. It articulates the behaviors that will help all team members live the We Believes and connect them to our daily work, enabling a consistent experience across the organization—whether you are a PDS® team member, a clinician, or a patient of a supported office.


In carrying out our day-to-day business...

Therefore: Everyone must do what it takes to please them. In order to succeed, we must continuously establish something special between us and our patients to create lasting relationships.
Therefore: We are thankful for today’s business and understand that constant learning and adaptability are part of our job.
Therefore: Employees get paid based on their personal value to the company.
Therefore: Our decisions for moral and ethical conduct are based on principles given to us by God in the Bible. Honesty, integrity, and character are vital aspects of business.
Therefore: It is our privilege to perform beyond what is required.
Therefore: We understand that as a business we will always have problems, and problems are just opportunities in disguise. We are not big on rules and regulations, but demand that each of us take care of problems as they arise in order to take full advantage of the opportunities they present.
Therefore: We understand the value of good dentistry and educate our patients of the benefits to them.
Therefore: We fail or succeed together.