For Medical Professionals

Medical Roles


Physicians lead the clinical teams within the medical practices, along with diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries, prescribing medication, and providing preventive care. In addition, PDS-supported medical practices have the unique benefit of utilizing integrated medical and dental electronic health records, and working closely with oral health professionals.

Nurse Practicioner

Nurse practitioners serve as an essential part of the clinical team by providing general and preventive care and prescribing medication. From diagnosing and treating patients to collaborating with other health care professionals, this position offers an exciting blend of autonomy and teamwork.

Medical Operations Manager

Medical operations managers make the medical practices hum with proficiency and efficacy. In addition, this position manages the entire practice team, day-to-day operations such as ordering medical supplies, coordinating with other departments, onboarding new hires, and operationalizing technology integrations.

Medical Health Care Coordinator

Medical health care coordinators lead the treatment plan acceptance and care delivery of the medical practices. Working with the clinical team, these professionals build relationships with patients and help them schedule and finance the care patients want and need.

Medical Receptionist

The medical receptionist is integral to the team, setting the tone for the patient experience from the first moment of contact. In addition, the receptionist is the hub for connecting questions to answers and patients to clinicians, and is essential in initiating a perfect patient experience.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are a crucial part of the patient care team. Medical assistants gather and manage intake data and conduct patient examinations and provide treatments under clinical supervision. These detail-oriented team members leverage their technical and interpersonal skills to help clinicians provide a superior level of patient care.

Medical Scribe

Medical scribes are key to elevating the quality of patient care delivered by clinicians. By recording essential information in the electronic health record, scribes partner with the medical team to transcribe notes in real time so clinicians can focus on delivering efficient and effective patient care.

Medical Revenue Cycle Billing and Coding

Medical coding and billing specialists have the critical role of managing the financials of the medical practices by overseeing payment and collections for healthcare services. These team members are financial professionals that enjoy working with patients to help them receive the care patients want and need.

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