What The Periodontist Does

You will lead the clinical efforts from a periodontics perspective at multiple offices, while the office staff manages your schedule and ensures that all your supplies are on hand. PDS®-supported periodontists should have a personable approach to dentistry. After all, part of the Perfect Patient Experience® is developing and maintaining relationships with patients. Developing relationships with your team is just as important.

What We're Looking For

PDS-supported Owner Dentists are looking for skilled clinicians who have excellent communication skills to comfortably connect and communicate with patients. An up-beat personality goes a long way. We need individuals who know how to take the reins and mold and influence a team.

What’s In It For You

While you focus on treatment planning and patient care, our front-office staff manages all the non-clinical aspects, including patient schedules and payment options. You'll also enjoy a steady patient flow and excellent income potential whether you're part-time or full-time.

Career Opportunities

Set the bar as high as you want, and put your skills to work. Find out about current opportunities now.