Opportunity is Waiting

As a Pediatric Dentist at a supported My Kid's Dentist (MKD) or Every Kid's Dentist (EKD) office, PDS® provides the support you need to focus on your clinical and personal passions—from treating patients to honing your clinical skills, serving, healing, and even owning your own practice.

Career Growth and Opportunity

MKD/EKD affiliated offices offer many career choices. As an associate you can work part-time or full time in one or more supported locations with unlimited income potential. Many full-time associates are making above $225,000 in their first year. If owning your own practice is your goal, that opportunity is available as well. PDS-supported pediatric owners can enjoy incomes of $500,000 or more after just 5 years. As a Pediatric Owner Dentist you will be surrounded with all the administrative support you will need to have that perfect balance of autonomy and personal challenge. That's what we call PRIVATE PRACTICE +®.

Why My Kid's Dentist And Every Kid's Dentist?

Supported Autonomy is the main reason most Pediatric Dentists choose to be supported at an MKD/EKD office. Whether you are an associate or an owner, you are the clinical leader in the practice. You choose the treatment plan, you choose the products you use, you make all the clinical decisions. The MKD/EKD team surrounds you with all the administrative and logistical support in order to create that perfect work life balance.

The facilities are designed to create a warm, friendly, and safe atmosphere. We worked with leading Pediatric Dentists and some of the greatest minds in environmental design to create the MKD/EKD look and feel.

Our marketing, fantastic patient/parent experience, environment, and commitment to outreach has established PDS-supported offices as leaders in the community.

Career Opportunities

Set the bar as high as you want, and put your skills to work. Find out about current opportunities now.