Your Development Path

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Development Phases of the PDS®-supported Clinician

The PDS University™ – Institute of Dentistry is here to help you build up the steam you desire to power your professional development.

Phase 1


0 – 4 months - This program is designed to introduce you to the core concepts and fundamentals modeled and executed by PDS-supported clinicians. Building competence in these areas yields confidence as you move forward. ICE includes your orientation week - an intensive Introduction to Clinical Excellence.


Phase 2


4 months – 2 years - The courses in the WTR phase are designed to ramp up your confidence with interdisciplinary specialist collaboration, implants, and advanced restorative techniques.

Phase 3


2+ years - STM is designed to dive deep into the disciplines you are passionate about. Like the element itself, the STM phase is boundless and continually expanding. The PDS University – Institute of Dentistry's faculty and PDS’ strategic vendor partners provide world-class education on dozens of disciplines.


Top Honors Program

All students of the PDSU™ – Institute of Dentistry qualify for participation in paths for Fellowship, Mastery, and Diplomat Honors. These elite programs recognize those clinicians who are leaders in their field through a commitment to their own professional development. Most hours granted through the PDS University – Institute of Dentistry also qualify for external Fellowship in the AGD.

Opportunity to Access 600+ Hours of Clinical Education in 20+ Disciplines

• Basic and Advanced Surgery

• Botox® and Fillers

• Caries Management

• CEREC CAD/CAM Digital Dentistry

• Clear Aligner Therapy for the GP

• Complex Implants

• Dental Photography

• Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

• Endodontics

• Esthetic Dentistry

• Health, Wealth and Relationships

• Hygiene & Periodontics

• Immediate Implant Placement

• Implant Restorative

• Implant Placement

• Implant-Retained Overdentures

• Integrated Care Through Specialty

• Integration of Dental Technology

• Lasers in Dentistry

• The Mouth-Body Connection®

• Medical Emergencies

• New Supported Owner Dentist Development

• Occlusion

• Opioids & Pharmacology

• Oral Pathology

• Patient Communication

• Pediatric Dentistry for General Practice

• Pediatric Sedation, Safety & Compliance

• Removable Prosthodontics

• Special Needs Dentistry