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PDS Institute®, where Clinicians Lead Clinicians in Clinical Excellence.

With over 500 (and rapidly growing) hours of internal Continuing Education (CE) content, PDS-supported clinicians have access to the most comprehensive and cost-effective CE portfolio of any group practice or dental support organization. Plus, the PDS Institute has extensive access to high quality vendor-sponsored content. PDS-supported clinicians have the opportunity to journey with us through three distinct phases of development.

The PDS Institute curriculum offers a broad base of CE for dentists. Development offerings include: Clinical Skills, Patient Experience, Practice Management, Mentorship and People Leadership. Course work is taught by PDS Institute faculty clinicians and external key opinion leaders whose views are consistent with the vision of “Clinicians Leading Clinicians in Clinical Excellence®.” The course work results in exceptional outcomes and experiences for healthier, happier patients. Many of our courses offer pre- and post-work with built-in study clubs and mentorship to make sure you are empowered for change on Monday morning.

For those of you interested in being supported by Pacific Dental Services you will have access to the following through the PDS Institute:

  • State of the art training facilities included simulation laboratories
  • 500+ hours of internal CE content
  • High quality vendor-sponsored content
  • Mentorship and coaching opportunities

The PDS Institute faculty and chairs work together with the commitment to improve lives, inspire one another, and build the model for “education in practice.”