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Smart Choice Now, Best Job Later

What We're Looking For

Pacific Dental Services recognizes that as full-fledged dental assistants-in-training, you’ve initiated your journey towards clinical excellence. You’ve probably sacrificed quite a bit to get this far. So when you’re ready for that next destination on your itinerary — your externship — we urge you to choose wisely. Look for practices known as champions of education and professional growth.

Where you roll up your sleeves and start to get real matters.

That’s where we come in. Pacific Dental Services now offers externship programs tailored to your precise needs in all our affiliated dental offices. You’ll prepare and maintain instruments, equipment, and materials for a myriad of dental procedures — as well as relax patients and make them as comfortable as possible. Of course, you’ll perform four-handed dentistry and dental assisting under the direct supervision of highly-qualified dentists and hygienists. Our upbeat, hands-on setting allows you to sharpen technical skills required for license in your specific state. But it also brings to life the patient experience within the comfort of a calm atmosphere.

What We're Looking For

We put a lot of effort into making our Externship Program a success. While we prefer to partner with schools that are ADA-accredited, we also work with many that are not. We are always looking for dental assistants who want to make a real difference in the rewarding field of modern dentistry and who embrace the idea of a true mentorship. Interested in learning more about being an extern? Please contact us at extern@pacden.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Real-World Classroom You’ve been Waiting for.

Pacific Dental Service externs get the best of both worlds — a real-life “classroom” (our affiliated dental practices) and seasoned “professors” (first-class dentists/hygienists). Our network of professionals encompasses decades of experience and education in the dental industry and vows to:

While countless programs exist for eager dental assistants ready to take their professions to the next level, why not trust your potential to one carved out by an industry innovator and nationwide leader? Just follow your instincts. Your future as you’ve always imagined it beckons…choose wisely.

STUDENTS: To apply for an externship, please email your resume to externships@pacden.com or call 1-877-380-JOBS.

EXTERNSHIP COORDINATORS: If you are interested in forming a partnership with PDS, please contact us at 1-877-380-JOBS or email externships@pacden.com.