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Ownership Benefits

You Want to Work with Someone, Not for Someone

With the backing of the country's leading dental business-support organization, My Kid's Dentist® and Every Kid's Dentist® enables you to build a successful pediatric dental practice. With our Supported Autonomy, you work with the patients while we handle the administration. You'll also enjoy excellent income potential, plus a better work/life balance.

Clinical Excellence Comes First

As a PDS-supported pediatric dentist, you'll be free to focus on your clinical skills while the PDS infrastructure reduces management burdens. You'll practice modern dentistry in a safe, fun environment that children love and one that utilizes the latest, proven technology. Plus, you'll be supported in your development by a multi-layered Clinical Excellence program facilitated through The PDS Institute™. The ultimate outcome to all this: Patients For Life™.


When people think about going into their own private practice, they focus on the good parts (owning your own business and enjoying personal autonomy), but forget about the hard parts (staying late to work on payroll, dealing with insurance companies and not having enough personal time). Well, we like to focus on the good parts.

With our PRIVATE PRACTICE +® business model, we handle the administrative tasks; you concentrate on dentistry. That way, you have more time, more income and more resources to provide the highest-quality dental care possible.

Supported Autonomy

There’s a good chance you became a dentist because you desire professional independence, making your own hours and practicing dentistry your way. With Supported Autonomy, that’s exactly how it works. We handle all the administrative tasks associated with running a practice, from payroll and billing to tax preparation and marketing. You get all the benefits of having your own practice, plus having more personal freedom.

Supported Autonomy