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Let Pacific Dental Services Help Drive Your Passion

What We're Looking For

You’re all fired up to finally graduate your “knowledge-shaping” phase and unleash that B.A., B.S. or M.B.A. know-how on the ever-competitive work force. You’re set—to innovate solutions, attack the bottom line—to master whatever it is that inspires you most. Pacific Dental Services celebrates your victory and asks eagerly, “What’s next on your journey?!”

May we suggest a mutually-rewarding career “kick start” with Pacific Dental Services? Through our PRIVATE PRACTICE +® system, PDS employs exceptional candidates for a myriad of positions in 275+ affiliated dental offices throughout 10 states. Occupations run the gamut—from operations, administration, and human resources to talent acquisition, benefits coordination, and patient relations. And college grads with a proven track record of accomplishment qualify for key regional positions as well as professional occupations in National Support office in Irvine, California.

So if the phrase, “Seeks to make a difference” describes you, you’re already a front-runner. Perhaps you’re a defiant optimistic—or a confident problem solver. Great! We’ve got an application with your name on it…As champions of independent thinking and personal growth, PDS strives to help energetic believers (like you) tap their individual skills and talents. We go out of our way to hire candidates who thrive in a team-oriented atmosphere where others come first.

All Employers Are NOT Created Equal.

What We're Looking For

We expect you’ll shop employers as you did professors—with resourceful self-interest. We’d expect nothing less from full-fledged grads! Whatever your level of education, Pacific Dental Services grants Carte Blanche to develop professionally in a positive, stable atmosphere. Better yet, our forecast calls for unbridled growth as we regionally expand and add more jobs in our support center, more jobs in affiliate offices. Add to that our comprehensive benefits package—including medical, dental, 401k, tuition-reimbursement (to scratch the surface)—and you might as well consider us your virtual “navigation system”. When life throws curve balls, we’ve got the tools to help you “recalculate”.

The way we see it, your job is simple: Focus on what really matters. Shower others with your optimism and energy. Harvest your talents. Cultivate your knowledge. Ignite your true passion. Evolve. The rest will fall into place.

(And you can quote us on that.)