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Featured National Support Opportunities

We provide the opportunity. You provide the ambition. After all, we know that a career must have a path and people must be able to grow as professionals. That’s why we have tuition reimbursement, as well as best-in-class training. After all, the success of our company and our affiliated practices means having the best national support available: IT and legal professionals, accountants and regional managers. Take a look at our National Support opportunities and see if one is right for you.

Our amazing growth of PRIVATE PRACTICE +® affiliates has never involved brute force. We prefer to analyze/strategize. And we hire smart. We admit we aim high, we tend to employ the exceptional. We're also willing to offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits to get it. Discover what Pacific Dental Services has to offer, and why we honestly care.

Accounting & Finance

In a growing industry such as ours, a vital need exists for associates both numbers-driven and detail-oriented. If the challenge of driving revenue and profit growth excites you, apply now for one of our Accounting and Finance Jobs.

Organizational & Talent Development

Are you a detail-oriented, flexible leader with superior verbal and written communication skills? Can you examine, scrutinize, and interpret documents crucial for improving and standardizing employee education? If so, apply now for one of our Organizational & Talent Development Jobs.

Revenue Cycle

Efficient Revenue Cycle departments help us recoup funds—maximizing resources for affiliates, staff, and patients. If helping us maintain fiscal health sounds rewarding, apply now for one of our Revenue Cycle Jobs.

Human Resources

We couldn't provide the best without our highly-organized communications experts creating and maintaining employee policy. If this piques your interest and sounds exciting, apply now for one of our Human Resources Jobs.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology Department oversees thousands of computers. If image building, troubleshooting and keeping Pacific Dental Services hardware and software up and running piques your interest, apply now for one of our Information Technology Jobs.


Great marketing talent is high priority, talented writers or designers who can brand us and get our presence out in a variety of mediums! If creating and strategizing piques your interest, apply now for one of our Marketing Jobs.