Hire Power Awards

Why PDS?

We want our affiliated offices to provide the best dental care in every market we serve. That's why we believe the patient comes first at PDS affiliated offices. Hygienists should be free to concentrate on patient needs and treatment plans, not paperwork. That's our job.

Commitment to Oral Health


Remember how you felt the day you first worked your dental magic? Remember the “rush” you felt as patients walked out the door — armed with knowledge and a renewed sense of commitment to oral health? If only your current office environment could surpass patient expectation, harvest your potential, inspire you...maybe it is time for a change!

Team Environment

We haven’t forgotten the importance of atmosphere—of surrounding associates (especially Registered Dental Hygienists) with equally service-minded optimists. At Pacific Dental Services affiliated offices, you can expect a complementary team of problem-solvers who strive to make a difference. This begins fittingly with our extraordinary affiliated clinicians. Our first-line, “gold-standard” affiliated dental hygienists must deliver the “Perfect Patient Experience” by combining genuine compassion with surgeon-like dexterity. They thrive off educating and counseling patients on dental health, plaque control, oral hygiene and nutrition. They permeate each room with a confident yet kind demeanor.

Supported Autonomy

Commitment to Growth

Clinical Excellence

At Pacific Dental Services, our affiliated Registered Dental Hygienists pride themselves on their life-long commitment to education. We seek high-caliber professionals possessing degrees or certificates of hygiene from accredited colleges or technical schools (as well as valid/current state license) on behalf of our affiliated offices. These energetic believers take patients under their wing from exam to polish — while maintaining strict compliance with state, federal, and dental regulations. They’re overall practitioners of health — team players who consistently generate the ideals and vision of the dentists they serve. Pacific Dental Services affiliated offices have just what you need to find your way back — back to your once-unbridled enthusiasm for the “Dental Arts”.