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Top 10 Reasons To Work at PDS or an Affiliated Office

  1. We commit ourselves to our Affiliated Offices in providing unparalleled patient care—and know just how to do it.

    Our secret is astonishingly simple: We help our affiliated offices listen to patient needs and individualize their care. From transparent pricing and flexible payment plans to efficient visits and state-of-art technology—Pacific Dental Services seizes every opportunity to develop, implement, and improve practices which allow our affiliated offices to present clients comprehensive services at reasonable costs. If we can supply the tools you need to make a true difference in so many lives, your job will be that much more fulfilling.

  2. We invest in the future of every single person we employ.

    Honestly, we don’t hire people we don’t recognize as “full of potential.” From the moment you sign with us, we consider you integral to our team and make a commitment to nurture your individual growth. To that end, we’re proactive and proud to offer focused training programs, tuition reimbursement and—just as central to our philosophy of rewarding achievement—recognition & award incentives. We feel the surest path to patient satisfaction starts with dynamic, optimistic employees.

  3. We utilize our National Support and Regional Partner Model which translates to a more effective, functional decentralized organization.

    Our National Support Office (headquartered in Irvine, California) provides easy-to-use tools that are straightforward and effectual so the affiliated dental offices themselves can benefit from minimum distraction,— resulting in superior patient care. Vendors and dental plans partner as well, but perhaps most vital in our teamwork formula—our Regional Partner model—puts decision-making closer to Owner Dentist and our Affiliated Offices. This decentralized organization generates better alignment and an improved decision-making process. It’s a win/win all the way around.

  4. We pursue job security and future industry growth.

    Pacific Dental Services began as a small private practice venture in Southern California and has since grown into a network of over 307 affiliated offices. Our goal—to add 50+ affiliated offices per year with regional growth—actually understates the “big picture” (and we already support affiliated practices in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, and Missouri). Such expansion in tandem with ongoing community appreciation and corporate approval proves that our formula can—and will—stand the test of time.

  5. We’ve created our foundation on morals, ethics, and principles.

    From day one, Pacific Dental Services sought to promote an environment of respect. Our “We Believe” Statements—our mission—grants you the assurance that you will work side by side with others who share your values—principles such as honesty, integrity, perseverance, loyalty, and personal strength. Everyone benefits from this contract—patients, owner dentists, clinicians and PDS employees. Imagine immersing yourself in a workplace that’s as positive as it is inspiring. Imagine all you could accomplish…

  6. We appreciate the importance of teamwork and know how to foster it without forfeiting individual thinking.

    Pacific Dental Services flourishes due to a well-woven network of teams. While our main customer remains the general dentist, a key leadership union that contributes to the viability of each affiliated practice exists between the Owner Dentist and the Operations Manager. No less fundamental is the team of individuals driving our Affiliated Offices’ Patient for Life campaign each day. But we also encourage team members to develop their own distinctive talents and strengths. This balance of team and autonomy creates a consistent culture of unity as well as performance.

  7. We devote our efforts to supporting our Affiliated Offices in providing Modern Dentistry.

    Pacific Dental Services views dentistry as one-half art, one-half business. Therefore, we feel our best product can be achieved by assisting our Affiliated Offices in seeking out then putting into play the highest technology available—ditto for innovative systems and functional delivery methods. We evolve with the game changers in our industry rather than follow their lead. It may take some research, elbow grease, and ingenuity…but our resourcefulness rewards Pacific Dental affiliates with increasingly cost-efficient, time-saving products and strategies. Our passion to be “the best” ensures us a leading role in the dental industry.

  8. We provide first-rate financial prospects.

    Pacific Dental Services takes seriously the financial well-being of those we employ. This begins with a highly-competitive compensation package. Our benefits run the gamut—from medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage to 401K savings and income-protection security. We also give PDS-affiliated associate dentists the opportunity after one year to become owner dentists after which they (as well as their clinical staff) benefit by progressively-growing revenues and pay increases. Basically, our objective at Pacific Dental remains the same no matter what your location or job title—we take your economic needs under our wing so you can be free to soar.

  9. We embrace a diverse workplace and proactively work to attain results.

    Every job posting Pacific Dental Services writes seeks to recruit all types of people with individual skills and talents. We thus advertise job openings on diversity web sites to attract various ethnic groups and cultures. We also promote work/life navigation strategies because we know certain populations such as new parents face unique work challenges. The benefits of our policy of inclusion include increased acceptance and collaboration between associates with diverse perspectives. We can’t imagine a better way to foster innovation and respect—necessities in our mission to help dentists achieve maximum success in their practice.

  10. We mobilize when it comes to community outreach.

    We know that at the end of the day employees often feel healthier (emotionally and spiritually) “giving back” to their community. So we’re overjoyed to offer an extensive outreach program. Whether it’s helping raise funds for natural disaster victims or facilitating the donation of dental care in less fortunate cities and countries—Pacific Dental Services never stops serving others—at home and abroad. If we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to people and communities we don’t even know…shouldn’t you trust us to do right by you?

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