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Owner Dentist

You are interested in being your own boss but not interested in the administrative hassles of running a business. With PRIVATE PRACTICE +® we create a support partnership between your pursuit of Clinical Excellence and our business support expertise.

What We’re Looking For

We want you to be a collaborative leader who can develop a team for your practice. You should know how to mentor other clinicians to provide the best dental care to their patients, and be a clinician who never wants to stop learning. We want you to work with your management team to achieve the goals of your practice. In short, we want leaders.

Current Ownership Opportunities

Owner Dentist Process

Why become an owner?

You’ve been practicing dentistry for a little while and want your own practice. You may have even run a practice before but found that the demands took too much time from your personal life. Either way, you are a model of Clinical Excellence who can hire and mentor other successful professionals and establish a clinical culture that others want to emulate. You want to provide the Perfect Patient Experience and you can direct your team to do exactly that.

The Process

The first step is the phone interview with someone from our Professional Recruiting Team. After that, you’ll have a face-to-face interview with the Regional Management Team and an Owner Dentist.