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For Dentists

Since 1994, we’ve supported dentists through PRIVATE PRACTICE +®, creating the synergy between your focus on Clinical Excellence and our business support expertise. In supporting you, we handle the administrative tasks so that you can concentrate on providing the best dental care to your patients. That way, you have more time to live your life, whether its volunteering in your community, spending more time with family or pursing other interests.

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Career Path

Your career path begins as an Associate Dentist in a PDS supported office. Whether you are a recent grad or practiced for some time you won't be alone. You will have plenty of other dental professionals supporting you; to confer and collaborate with as you continue to grow in your career. As an Associate Dentist, you’ll also have the opportunity to become an owner of an office. If you’d like to learn more about becoming an Owner Dentist? Learn more at our Owner Dentist page.

Owner Dentist Process



The average full-time PDS affiliated Associate Dentist earns $160,000 in their first year. By their fifth year, their average income increases to $220,000. The average income for a PDS-supported Owner Dentist, whose practice has been open at least two years, is $390,000. If you’d like to learn more about a career as a dentist, take a look at our Associate Dentist page.

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Expectations When You Join

Through the PDS Institute, you’ll participate in the Introduction to Clinical Excellence Essentials (ICEE) program. This program introduces you to the modern dentistry environment that you’ll be working in and prepares you to provide the quality of dentistry your patients expect. After completing ICEE, you have the opportunity to pursue the Advanced and Mastery Clinical Excellence Programs. Learn more about the PDS Institute.

As a new Owner Dentist you’ll participate in New Owner Orientation, a year-long program designed for the challenges and considerations an Owner Dentist faces when leading a practice. The course teaches leadership skills and how to build a culture that inspires people to reach their potential. Interested in becoming an Owner Dentist? Learn more at our Owner Dentist page.

Onboarding Process