Hire Power Awards

Awards and Recognition

Pacific Dental Services® realizes that extraordinary performance doesn’t just happen. Some employees go through the motions while others execute. Sound familiar? Are you the type who carves out personal challenges? Motivates others to aspire to greatness? Do you lead by example? Does anyone even notice?

We do.

Pacific Dental Services subscribes to a simple, yet fundamental philosophy: Recognize and reward those who give 150 percent because it’s the right thing to do. So don’t be surprised if your supervisor gives you a shout out like, “Hey, great way to handle that situation!” And perhaps you’ll land that coveted promotion that everyone has been sparring over. One thing that’s for certain is you receiving an invitation to our extravagant annual gala called XP (for eXtraordinary performance).

Each year, Pacific Dental Services rolls out the red carpet to honor the highest-caliber, most eXcellent PDS® employees and supported dentists. XP also serves as a yearly training bonanza where world-class business speakers and our top executive team share their wisdom. This hugely-anticipated tradition gives up-and-coming employees (like you) a glimpse into their future – more specifically, their promising and exhilarating career! Pacific Dental Services spares no expense in coordinating the remarkable cuisine, chic atmosphere and festive awards ceremony just so we can come face to face with our top performers and offer a heartfelt, “Well done!”.

We understand this sentiment may seem antiquated. Other companies tell their employees that it’s reward enough just to have a job in this economy. That concept just doesn’t work for us. Quite simply, our company was founded on good old-fashioned core values like hard work, integrity, individual achievement and, yes, respect for every single human being. It’s who we are.

If that’s who you are, Pacific Dental Services is where you should be.

Visit pdsxp.com and glimpse what a future with PDS can look like.